About Mychelle

"Hope is both the earliest and the most indispensable virture inherent
in the state of being alive. If life is to be sustained, hope must
remain, even where confidence is wounded, trust impaired."
..... Erik H. Erikson


Dr. Mychelle Charters is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in psychotherapy for individuals, couples, children and families. She is liscensed through the Board of Behavioral Sciences in the State of California. Her license number is LCS 24065. She worked part time for LAUSD in the city of Watts. Currently she has a private practice in the Los Angeles, Beverly hills and Santa Monica areas.

Mychelle's career in psychotherapy has included working in various aspects of mental health: private practice, psychiatric hospitals, Schools, community agencys and Universities.

Mychelle has always been fascinated by the healing process from a holistic perspective. Her treatment plans involve mind, body and spirit. Having traveled the world with a voracious interest in other cultures and spirituality, Mychelle's approach is unique and encompassing. Her work is a body of psychotherapuetic, practical and spiritual wisdom  while incorporating the body, Central Nervous System and Neurobiology. This helps carve out a clear path into discovery and personal transformation.

She offers compassionate grief and loss counseling. Whether it be loss of a loved one or loss of trust, security and self-esteem stemming from earlier abuses and trauma, her approach helps clients feel relief and hope. With her help, many clients have received tremendous relief in managing panic, anxiety, depression as well as addictions.

She provides guidance through the feelings of feeling stuck and finding meaning and purpose for ones life and spirituality.


Dr. Mychelle Charters graduated from New York University with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.
Mychelle completed her Post Graduate work in Somatic Experience in which  sheis now a Practitioner as well as a Touch Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Pathwork. She is currenlty attending college to recieve a Doctorate in Psychology (Psy D) with and emphasis in Marriage and Family therapy. 

She has various training experiences including Attachment work, Neurobiology and trauma, Los Angeles Pychoanalytic institute, Core energetics, Barbara Brennan and the Pathwork.
She is affiliated with the National Association of Social Workers,
Cambridge Who's Who, Los Angeles Committee for Foreign Relations, and The Foundation for Human Enrichment.


Mychelle has also been awarded the "Mayors Certificate of Appreciation" for outstanding efforts and accomplishments which have been of great benefit to the City of Los Angeles by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Mychelle also serves as a Media Consultant lending support, research and expertise of human psyche and behavior to various outlets of media and entertainment.  Mychelle is also published in the Psychoanalytic Social Work Journal volume 10 #1 on "Shared Trauma, Group Reflections on 9/11".


Dr. Mychelle Charters, LCSW, SEP, Touch Practitioner, Media Consultant
1328 Westwood Blvd Suite 29

Los Angeles, Ca.  90024

Now is the time to know
That all you do is sacred.
For you to deeply understand the
impossibility that there is
anything but Grace
............ Hafiz