You have taken the first step in improving the quality and richness of your life. Taking the time to understand the dynamics that inform your mind, body, heart and soul are essential. How these dynamics play out in your relationships at work and home is a key element to your own growth and development and can be rewarding.

There is no reason you have to do it alone. I enjoy helping you gain insight to improve the richness of your life. Whether dealing with daily stressors, spiritual meaning, or more challenging issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma, together we can empower you to have a more full-bodied and successful existence. I am committed to helping you deal with challenges like anxiety and depression and difficult emotions like anger, in ways that foster positive and healthy relations with yourself and therefore others.

I believe the tools to healing include a warm, non-judgemental environment, committed listening, honesty, forgiveness, self-responsibility, balance and strength. My intention is to provide you with these tools within a few sessions to help you realize your potential and bring harmony to your life.

Whatever might inspire you to seek support, this is the first step on an important journey to help you feel better and I am honored to help you achieve that goal.


A portion of the proceeds have been contributed to:

Social Work Disaster Relief Fund- Japan

Women For Women International

Christian Childrens Fund

Agape International Center for Truth

Haiti Relief

Save Darfur.org

Canvas for a Cause

Go Campaign

The Peace Alliance




Dr. Mychelle Charters, LCSW, SEP, Touch Practitioner, Media Consultant
1328 westwood blvd suite 29

los angeles , California  90024


"Healing begins with embracing and integrating each piece that has contributed to who we are today while discerning and building who we want to become tomorrow....using grace as our guide."
Dr. Mychelle Charters