"Every muscular contraction contains the history and meaning of its origin"

Wilhelm Reich



They say when one person makes a difference it affects the lives of many. It is so true, I am very grateful to Mychelle for bringing me back to life literally. I had been doing the same

thing for so long, but always surprised at the unfulfilling dead-end result.  While not taking much responsibility for my involvement, hopelessly I had become disconnected from myself and detached from people I cared about the most. I was frequently unhappy and reacting out of fear to my environment instead of responding to it out of love and wholeness.  I was blinded by my old thought patterns, perceptions, intentions and behaviors, Mychelle opened my eyes to a new way a being, she helped me understand the root cause of my fear and challenged me to go beyond desperation and self-deprivation to a more abundant self awareness, I never knew existed.  I get teary eyed when I think about all the many gifts she

has given to me, including a deeper more meaningful relationship with my husband and child. I will be eternally grateful to Mychelle for the new possibilities that have been created and 

for her compassion and dedication. 

Thank you!

Mitzi R.



"Mychelle is a compassionate and extraordinary therapist. I am blessed to have found her. She has touched every aspect of my life and gave me the tools and confidence to change my life for the better. With her help I've found Joy, reduced my anxiety, and shifted my life in profound ways. I have left abusive relationships, quit a pack a day habit, cultivated more loving relationships with my family, stopped binge drinking, went back to school, found ways to progress at work, developed hobbies, and built my self esteem. She's helped this once die hard cynic find trust and beauty in the world. Her intelligence, dynamic style, and compassionate warm heart are truly inspirational. I am honored to have worked with her. "

Asaf I



Dr. Mychelle Charters, LCSW, SEP, Touch Practitioner and Media Consultant
1328 Westwood blvd suite 29
Los Angeles, CA 90024

"If your are interested in personal growth and/or on a spiritual path, the goal is very much the same- to open your heart- to yourself, to everyone and to God. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to advance your capacity to love"